Digitized Data Files

Digitized Data Files use the following naming conventions:

digdata.balsht2005b.csv = "DD Balance Sheet v2005b" file

digdata.fnctexp2005b.csv = "DD Functional Expenses v2005b" file

digdata.header2005b.csv = "DD Master Header v2005b" file

digdata.incprod2005b.csv = "DD Income Producing Activities v2005b" file

digdata.inDigData2005b.csv = "DD Master Header v2005b" file

digdata.officers2005b.csv = "DD Officers v2005b" file

digdata.oth_info2005b.csv = "DD Other Info v2005b" file

digdata.ps2005b.csv = "DD Org Purpose v2005b" file

digdata.psd2005b.csv = "DD Programs v2005b" file

digdata.revexp2005b.csv = "DD Revenue and Expenses v2005b" file

digdata.saemp2005b.csv = "DD Schedule A Employees v2005b" file

digdata.sched_a2005b.csv = "DD Schedule A v2005b" file

digdata.taxsubid2005b.csv = "DD Taxable Subsidiaries v2005b" file



Urban Institute, National Center for Charitable Statistics. ([Year]). Guidestar-NCCS National Nonprofit Research Database. [Data files]. Available from: http://nccs-data.urban.org



All files are presented strictly as is. NCCS is not providing technical assistance or customized data extracts at this time.