Miscellaneous NCCS Master and Lookup Files

Miscellaneous NCCS Master and Lookup Files use the following naming conventions:

classif.alleins.csv = "AllEins Master Lookup"

lookup.ntee2naics.csv = "NTEE-NAICS crosswalk"

nccs.lu_fipsmsa.csv = "FIPS-MSA crosswalk"

nccs.nteedocAllEins.csv ="Current Master NTEE Lookup"

nccs.SC_new990_table1 = Core Supplement New 990 Financial

nccs.SuperCore20090514_fin = Core Supplement 05-14-2009 Financial

nccs.SuperCore20090210_fin = Core Supplement 02-10-2009 Financial

nccs.SuperCore20090210_prg = Core Supplement 02-10-2009 Purpose Program

nccs.SuperCore20090210_ofc = Core Supplement 02-10-2009 Key Contact



Urban Institute, National Center for Charitable Statistics. ([Year]). [Data files]. Available from: http://nccs-data.urban.org



All files are presented strictly as is. NCCS is not providing technical assistance or customized data extracts at this time.