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Business Master Files

BMF 01/2003 IRS Business Master File with a limited selection of variables for all 501(c)(3) and non-501(c)(3) exempt organizations combined, Jan 2003

Digitized Data

DD Master Header v2005b Basic information drawn largely from the header, including line items A through K, of Form 990 and Form 990-EZ (FY 1998-2003).
DD Revenue and Expenses v2005b Revenue and expense data from Part I of IRS Forms 990 and 990-EZ (FY 1998-2003).
DD Functional Expenses v2005b Expense info from Part II of Form 990 and Part I of Form 990-EZ (FY 1998-2003).
DD Org Purpose v2005b Primary exempt purpose of organizations from Part III, Form 990 and Form 990-EZ (FY 1998-2003).
DD Programs v2005b Program service descriptions from Part III of Form 990 and Form 990-EZ (FY 1998-2003).
DD Balance Sheet v2005b Assets & liabilities of public charities (Form 990, Pt.IV & 990-EZ, Pt.II), FY 1998-2003.
DD Officers v2005b List of officers, directors, and key employees from Part V of the Form 990 and Part IV of the Form 990-EZ (FY 1998-2003).
DD Other Info v2005b Other information from Form 990, Part VI, and Form 990-EZ, Part V (FY 1998-2003).
DD Income Producing Activities v2005b Income Producing Activities from Part VII of the Form 990 (FY 1998-2003). WARNING: this file is supposed to contain information on the Medicare/Medicaid payments to nonprofit organizations. But we believe that line 93f of the Form 990 is almost never filled out correctly and that Medicare/Medicaid payments are almost never properly recorded.
DD Taxable Subsidiaries v2005b Taxable subsidiary information from Part IX of Form 990 (FY 1998-2003).
DD Schedule A Employees v2005b List of the five highest paid employees recieving more thatn 0,000 per year in compensation. From Part I of the Schedule A (FY 1998-2003).
DD Schedule A v2005b Selected from Parts III and VI of Schedule A (FY 1998-2003).